WxOrNotBG Tweets of the Week

Twitter is a meteorologist’s best friend and worst enemy. Meteorologists send out hundreds of tweets per day, and it is such a useful tool for dispensing information. Many times, though, hype will begin and spread like fire on Twitter. Other times, it saves someone’s life. Therefore, Twitter sees the best and worst out of meteorologists every week, and it gets really fascinating to watch. These are the 10 best Tweets I found from this past week!

#10 Sam Lillo

This tends to happen in the spring/fall occasionally, and is always interesting to see.

#9 Ari Sarsalari

Holy moly. That is so cooooool.

#8 John Boyer

Hahahahaha this is awesome.

#7 Philip Klotzbach

Good grief that is a long time to be that strong.

#6 Landon Russell

On most weeks, this is number one. But Hurricane Matthew…

#5 Stu Ostro

Absolutely not, but Matthew is an incredible storm nonetheless.

#4 Ian Livingston

Hurricane Matthew is and was a beautiful storm, but now it threatens land.

#3 Eric Blake

To give some perspective, Hurricane Matthew intensified at a rate that hasn’t been seen in a long time in the Atlantic.

#2 Stu Ostro

While Hurricane Matthew has been a good looking storm for a while, the appearance was best yesterday.

#1 28storms.com

Matthew became a Hurricane on Thursday, and was a Category 5 on Friday evening.