LeBron James’ Weather News of the Weekend

I won't pretend that I am a Cavs fan, or even a big LeBron fan. However, I respect what he did in that epic 7 game series. h/t Twitter
I won’t pretend that I am a Cavs fan, or even a big LeBron fan. However, I respect what he did in that epic 7 game series. h/t Twitter

Sunday night, one of the biggest sports stories of the year wrote itself. After over 50 years without a sports championship, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers won an NBA Championship, the first in the franchise’s history. Not only did they make history in that sense, but the Cavs were the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals and win the series. This has nothing to do with weather, but that doesn’t matter. LeBron is awesome, and like the April 27th, 2011 tornado outbreak, we may never see a player like him again after he retires.

Tropical Danielle lives in a day

Tropical Storm Danielle officially became a named storm this morning, but was classified as tropical late on Sunday.

The track of TS Danielle. h/t NHC
The track of TS Danielle. h/t NHC

She had lots of convection around her center this morning, allowing her to strengthen to a 45 mph storm at her peak, but her lifespan was short. She ran out of room to operate, and made landfall on the eastern coast of Mexico this evening. It was a good run, but she just didn’t have the room to become something more (luckily!).

Severe Weather continued across the northern portion of the country

Over the weekend, an amplified ridging pattern and strong flow in the northern branch of the jet stream allowed for severe weather to continue across the norther portions of the country again over the weekend.

This included some intense wind gusts in Montana on Saturday, and some tornadoes in Minnesota on Sunday. The environment on Sunday was actually fairly impressive across that region, so I wasn’t too surprised to see a tornado report or two in that region.

This week is gonna be stormy

Just as a fair warning, the forecast post I write in the morning for the timespan of tomorrow thru Thursday may be a bit complex, as the forecast is complex.

h/t giphy.com
h/t giphy.com

The model guidance has been showing a favorable set up for severe thunderstorms for at least two of those three days, with Wednesday being having the greatest uncertainty in risk! Be sure to keep up with the forecast updates, and the updates on Twitter from our own Landon Hampton, @WxOrNotBG.