Cloud’s Weather News of the Day

This is an awesome pic of a thunderstorm I took over BG about a week ago.
This is an awesome pic of a thunderstorm I took over BG about a week ago.

Did you all notice what was outside? Did you see them? They were towers of condensation, and some becoming thunderstorms, and dropping rain. That is right. They were clouds. I know, those are odd, odd things considering we saw maybe three of them in total last week. Today, they rose up with weak or strong updrafts and into an unstable environment. It was just nice to see the clouds, for once.

I can’t get over how beautiful the Montana storms were

I wrote about it all a couple times last week, but Montana was seeing some ridiculously nice supercells, with incredible structure.

This was almost exclusively the only place in the US having any sensible weather outside of heat, and this was due in large part to the persistent southwesterly flow in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere.

Severe weather shifted south today

As soon as I mention the severe weather that occurred in Montana over the weekend and back into last week, it shifted southward today.

The storm reports from today's action. h/t SPC
The storm reports from today’s action. h/t SPC

This was due to a shortwave that has been lifting northeastward out of the southwestern United States. This created severe weather from the Panhandle of Texas today upward along the Front range of the rockies and into the Dakotas.

This is actually the shortwave that looks to break off and impact us with storms on Wednesday.

Serious note

We all have heard all of the details and scenes from the horrendous events on Sunday morning in Orlando. I’m not going to get political, as this is a human event. However, the victims and their families are in the thoughts and prayers of us all here at WxOrNotBG.

Lighter note

One of our own, Jacob Wilkins, got married this past weekend! As much as I have hated the boring weather recently, it was awesome to see how nice the weather was for him and his now wife’s wedding was. Best wishes to you guys!!