Montana is the Weather Capital of the US Right Now

While the majority of the US is in no-man’s-land in terms of weather, Montana has been producing some incredible storms. When I say incredible, I mean incredible.

This was my reaction to the storms. h/t
This was my reaction to the storms. h/t

Because the ridge has been so prevalent across the central and eastern portions of the US, Montana has been excellently placed within southwesterly mid and upper level flow. This has worked well for them, as shortwaves have been propagating northeastward within the larger scale flow.

Surface moisture and heating has been fairly good across the region, and this has lead to unstable environments. Combine that with good speed and directional shear, the state has seen some of the best storms in a couple weeks. Check em out!

These are some of the coolest looking storms that I have ever seen, and their structure fascinates me. What is frustrating is that some of these were out of good radar range, so we won’t get a good look at their radar structure. Oh well; it is just cool to see a different place have amazing storm structure.