Montana’s Weather News of the Day


Well, Montana is a great state. First of all, I am an avid fly fisherman. Montana is essentially a fly fisherman’s paradise, making it extra awesome. However, the Big Sky Country is almost always awesome for its meteorology. The past couple of days, it has produced.

While much of the country has been quiet, the reasoning behind that is why Montana is severe weather central currently. The jet stream has shifted to the north, and several shortwaves have rotated into that region of the world, initiating a couple rounds of severe storms. Just check out some of the awesome storms from up there.

The Rest of the Country…Quiet

This is getting a bit redundant, but the pattern has gone into boring mode across a vast majority of the USA.

h/t SPC
h/t SPC

I know, I know. Occasionally, there is a pop up storm here and there, and if we get a shortwave, then an MCS may form on the northern side of the ridge and race southeastward. Other than that, though, the weather has been increasingly hot and humid.

Ottawa, Canada was Eaten by a Sinkhole

This is not to be taken literally, but a fairly large sinkhole decided to open up in downtown Ottawa yesterday. And Twitter had a blast with it.

The one above made me laugh really hard. Hahaha. 

While sinkholes aren’t normally something to make fun of, there were not injuries associated with it, luckily. So I guess Ottawa should have a bit of fun with it, right?

The Storm Prediction Center Should Update Some Definitions

The other day, I wrote a piece on the SPC updating the definition for tornado outbreak, and I believe in it strongly.

Though the definition doesn’t exactly impact the public directly, a secondary effect is the hype that “outbreak” brings with it. The SPC setting a minimum of 6 tornadoes is a very limiting thing, because it is too inclusive of so many events that just aren’t impressive. This essentially leads to a word that can be thrown around, and misused.

Well, that is all for the news of the past couple of days! Be sure to check back in tomorrow morning for a fresh forecast update!