Spring Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar:

Wednesday, March 30- Clouds Increasing – High 75˚ / Tonight – Showers & Storms – Low 60˚

Good morning, Bowling Green! After a picture perfect day Tuesday, what can we expect for the rest of the week?

Spring is definitely in the air, as temperatures float around and above the climate normal of 64°. Additionally, plenty of sunshine with the occasional span of showers and storms keep the weather just interesting enough, while providing the necessities for the plants to bloom. This forecast will contain all of the above, so hang tight!

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Before we bring on our next weather-maker, an upper-level ridge will cause very warm temperatures in the Bowling Green area. At the surface, winds will shift in a clockwise formation, ending in the southerly direction this afternoon.

NAM MSLP & Winds, Valid 7PM Wednesday, via Pivotal Weather

Ahead of the incoming frontal system, pressure and temperature gradients will tighten over our region, which will increase the wind speed (up to 25 mph gusts!) and suck in much warmer temperatures. We’re talking highs in the mid-70s for the end of March!

Southerly flow does not come without a catch, however! Moisture parameters will also increase as winds from the Gulf pick up and transfer warmer and more moist air into our region. This will cause dew points to increase, as well as cloud cover, as the day progresses.

Dew Point
NAM Dew Points, Valid 10PM Wednesday, via Pivotal Weather

Our first batch of shower and storm chances will make an appearance beginning Wednesday night, with heavy rain picking up overnight and into early Thursday. Temperatures will remain quite mild due to the warm front Wednesday night, with lows around 60°.

Thursday, March 31 – Showers & Storms – High 76˚ / Saturday Night – Showers & Storms – Low 53˚

Currently, Bowling Green and the surrounding areas are under a Slight Risk for severe weather on Thursday. After the first batch of heavy rain exits the area Thursday morning, we may see a dry and sunny period during the day that will help ramp up the atmosphere’s instability.

SPC Day 2 Outlook, via NOAA

Any severe weather chances will be associated with the cold front trailing behind the first round of precipitation. This front will swing through during the late evening hours, and will allow for the possibility of damaging winds and torrential rainfall, with plenty of shear available. Instability may be the main limiting factor, so seeing how the first part of Thursday pans out will be very important to the conditional severe weather late Thursday.

Thursday 7PM
WPC Surface Map, Valid 7PM Friday, via NOAA

Overall, Wednesday night through Thursday night will be wet, so be sure to keep that umbrella and rain jacket heavy! We will continue to keep you updated on the evolution of tomorrow’s severe weather potential.

Friday, April 1 – Partly Cloudy- High 65˚ / Tuesday Night – Partly Cloudy – Low 40˚

By Friday morning, conditions will return dry and will continue through the remainder of the weekend! Temperatures will fall back down into the 60s due to the passage of the cold front, but partly cloudy skies will make for a nice end to the week – and that’s no April Fools’! Temperatures overnight will drop down to about the 40° mark.

As always, stay in touch with @WxOrNotBG for the latest real-time weather info. Have a great day!