Beautiful Monsoon Timelapse Video

Southwest monsoon storm chaser and photographer, Mike Oblinski, posted a beautiful timelapse earlier this month showing off his best 55,000 frames from his summer chase. Oblinski has been chasing monsoons in Arizona for 6-7 years, and chased for a total of 48 days this past season.

During the summer months in Arizona, winds shift from the west or northwest to the south or southeast. This allows moisture from the Pacific and Gulf to stream into the region, causing torrential rainfall, frequent lightning, and dust storms.

Oblinski believes this timpelapse showcases some of the best weather he has ever seen, with the 3:38 mark being one of his favorites.

In Oblinski’s words,

You hit the road with zero idea about what you’re going to see over the course of a summer. You might imagine scenarios or have ideas, but they get blown out of the water by reality. And that’s what I love about it.

My hope is that you can see and feel that love in this film. The beauty of the monsoon in Arizona. This is where I’m from and this is home.

To see more of Mike Oblinski’s work, be sure to check out his website here.