Snow Continues to Pile Up in the Northeast

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association – Current Snow Depth Across the U.S.


The snow continues to pile up across the Northeast. A 20 to 40 inch blanket of snow currently smothers a path from New York to Maine, which has resulted over the last several weeks due to one large storm after another.

So… why has winter all of a sudden decided to show up in the Northeast?

In short: the trough/ridge pattern across the lower 48 has been oriented so that the east side of the trough is right off the east coast. Low pressure typically propagates along the east side of this trough, bringing storms up through this part of the country. Since the trough pattern has remained very consistent, one storm after another continues to impact the same areas.

Take a look at the following images of the snow that has accumulated across the Northeast.

Anybody up for a game of golf? Wheres the tee box?

No kids playing in the yard today. Who could blame them? I wouldn’t want to find myself buried alive in this stuff!