Blizzard Slams the Northeast

While many of us here in Bowling Green did our “happy dance” when it snowed yesterday, those in the northeast have been bracing the harsh impacts of a blizzard. Southern New England – from Long Island to Massachusetts – ┬áhas taken the biggest beating from the blizzard, with two feet of snow and counting. As of this morning, Massachusetts had picked up the highest snow totals, with Shrewsbury leading the pack at 26.2 inches of snow.

Mattituck, New York follows close behind at 24.8 inches. According to the Capital Weather Gang, southeast New Hampshire is fighting its own battles. Hudson. NH has seen 21.5 inches of snowfall, 8.5 of which fell between 7 AM to 9:30 AM… Now that is some serious snowfall.

Massachusetts is not only being impacted by the snow, but coastal flooding has caused flooding of streets and homes, as well as power outages throughout the eastern part of the state.

With snow totals continuing to climb, stay updated on the blizzard with the Capital Weather Gang, or by simply searching the hashtag #Blizzardof2015 on Twitter.