“Blockbuster” Blizzard Set To Hit Major Cities

Well, the rainfall we received last night was associated with a system that is getting ready to absolutely blast the Northeast with snowfall and winds. This system is being referred to as “historic” and life threatening, and will impact cities such as Boston, NYC and Philadelphia with snowfall totals over a foot. NYC and Boston could see upwards of 3 feet of snowfall.


The collective Northeast US right now. h/t giphy.com
The collective Northeast US right now. h/t giphy.com

Why is this happening? Well, the southern and northern branches of the jet streams are looking to phase together, and create atmospheric conditions favorable for ridiculous snowfall rates. Add in a strong high pressure over southeast Canada and the low pressure system becoming a “weather bomb“, you have a recipe for a very intense blizzard, with higher snowfall rates. The NWS offices in Boston and NYC are even discussing lightning, and 2-4” per hour snowfall rates.



The Nationwide impact ins phenomenal. It will impact the big cities economically, and socially.




Check out the crazy forecast totals from NWS New York and NWS Boston…   

  Events like these do pose opportunities to create humor.

This system is going to impact the whole country, especially from a travel perspective. NYC and Boston are two major travel hubs, and the fact that their airports are essentially closed tonight, tomorrow, Wednesday and maybe Thursday is incredibly impactful to the US as a whole. If you have family in the areas forecasted to be impacted most, please make sure that they are taking necessary precautions to be trapped in their homes without power for many days.

Be sure to check out the #blizzardof2015 hashtag on Twitter for even more cool stuff about this storm.