New Year should Ring In With Cold

Real-time BG radar:

Today: Becoming mostly sunny. Highs around 39ºf. Tonight: Mostly clear and cold. Low of 24ºf. Winds from the northwest will be light. 

Forecast for 6 AM Tuesday. h/t WPC
Forecast for 6 AM Tuesday. h/t WPC

Well, it is about time. We have seen what is likely the cloudiest December on record, and it feels like the clouds have been unending. However, we will be seeing the Bowling Green area come under the influence of one really strong high pressure system that will move into the northern US.

Strong high pressure system tend to discourage cloud cover (high pressure=sinking air), and this will keep the temps on the cooler side as we enter the afternoon hours. Look for temps to top out in the upper 30s, with 40 being the highest I see us possibly reaching. This sunshine has me like….

giphy (19)

As we head into the overnight hours, temps will stay really cold. We haven’t seen temps this cold in a while. Many to our north will see temps fall into the teens, but should see temps bottom out in the lower 20s. Clouds will likely be moving into the area as we move into the morning Wednesday. These will likely be higher clouds that shouldn’t impact your day too much.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny skies. Cold. High of 33ºf, with winds from the west. Wed. night: Clear, with scattered fireworks. Low of 20ºf, with SW winds.

Forecast for 6 am Wednesday. h/t WPC
Forecast for 6 am Wednesday. h/t WPC

As we head into Wednesday, it is looking like we will be seeing this high pressure system move to our south and southwest (quick mover), and this will shift winds from northwesterly, to westerly, to eventually southwesterly Wednesday night. This will stream some mid-level moisture into the area, and will create a thin deck of mid level clouds through the day.

This shouldn’t effect temps much throughout the day as they look very cold with this surface high pressure system. Sun will be in abundance, especially as we head into the night! Skies will be clear and temps dropping like a rock. Look for temps to fall into the lower 20s as we head into the night. This will make for good conditions to view the fireworks across the area.

Be safe out there, folks! h/t
Be safe out there, folks! h/t

Thursday: Increasing clouds, with a high of 38ºf. Light southwesterly winds. Thur. Night: Cloudy, with a low of 33ºf. Precip entering late in the night.

Happy New Year! 2015 is here, and maybe the “End Of The World” crowd will get it right this year! We have a new 365 days to guess the end of the world.


End of the world people got me like.... h/t
End of the world people got me like…. h/t

This day, especially into the overnight hours, is looking really interesting. The high pressure will actually move to our south on this day, and will allow for a steady stream of moisture to flow into the area. This will keep clouds hanging tough, but despite this, southwesterly flow bites me in the butt a lot, so I am going with some higher temps in the upper 30s, and maybe lower 40s.

Thursday night is completely dependent on how temps work out during the day. If temps are held lower, we are looking at a legit wintry threat (most likely light freezing rain). I am gonna play it safe and say we see only rain during the late overnight hours, but this will be an interesting little piece to watch for.

That is all I have for this post! Make sure to follow @WxOrNotBG and @WarrenCountyWX for the latest weather information for Bowling Green an surround areas. Happy New Year!!