Cold Thanksgiving in the Northern Plains

If you’re having trouble finding things to be thankful for, you can be thankful for the “warm” temperatures around Bowling Green! I know what you’re thinking now, It’s just above freezing! Well that’s a lot better than portions of the northern Plains. Many folks there are experiencing brutally cold temperatures. Check out the images below for proof!

8 AM Temperatures -
8 AM Temperatures –

And here are the raw temperature numbers. Yep, those are all well below zero, including a -18° temperature in north central Minnesota. Now, that’s a cold Thanksgiving!


Cold Temperatures - NOAA SPC
Cold Temperatures – NOAA SPC

So, of the many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, be thankful we live in good ole Kentucky, where it rarely gets as cold as it is in the northern Plains. Have a great Thanksgiving!