Should Icy Roads Be Included NOAA Statistics?

We always seem to hear those statistics that X amount of people have died for X type of weather in the past year. But, one key variable is never studied by NOAA in it’s statistical analysis. That variable is icy conditions. I think it needs to start being included in the statistical analysis by NOAA.

Now, one could make the argument that the people who tragically die from icy roadways put themselves in that situation because they chose to drive on icy roads. If that is the case, then why are fatalities in flash flooding included. A majority of those who die in flash floods drive in flooded roadways.

The same could be said of storm chasers. We’ve lost some great storm chasers in the past couple of years because they made the decision to chase storms. The results of NOAA’s statistical analysis would look drastically different if icy roadways were included in fatalities. Check out the below tweets for proof.