Tornado-Warned Storm Impacts Boston

Severe storms have been impacting the Northeast this afternoon and over the last hour a rare event occurred when a tornado warning was issued for Boston.

This tornado warning is no longer in effect for Boston, but check out what the radar looked like at 5:51 EST as a supercell tracked over the northern part of Boston.

Screenshot 2014-07-07 17.25.23

Trained spotters did report a funnel cloud as this storm passed over the city and small hail was reported as well.

The Red Sox are playing in Fenway park at 7:00 tonight and fans that had arrived at the park early for the game were told to seek shelter as the storm moved over them. The webcam at Fenway park was pointed north and actually caught a glimpse of the funnel cloud which can be seen on this screenshot below:


It looks like the game will be delayed a bit, as Boston is now under a severe thunderstorm warning with another cell getting ready to pass over the city. For more info, check out coverage from WCVB in Boston.