Accuracy of Car Thermometers

Why do the car and bank thermometers always throw extreme temperature readings out there for you to see? It’s all according to the placement of the sensor apparently. Don’t put much stock in car thermometers.  The following was taken from an article posted on

“Car thermometers obviously don’t operate in this kind of environment. Neither do those bank signs and billboards.

In particular, a car is a very difficult environment for a temperature sensor. That the sensors are located as well as they are are a testament to careful consideration on the part of the engineers. There is engine heat to worry about, plus re-radiated heat from the concrete and asphalt roads, paint, tires, etc.

It’s also very possible to locate a weather station sensor poorly. I’ve seen many of these sensors incorrectly mounted on roofs. Think about the re-radiated heat a roof gives off, and what that must do to distort readings.”

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