Pretty Okay Weather Looks to Continue

The Headline The headline here remains just how odd this late August weather has been. We have been locked in a trough over the past week, allowing for amazing temps and no storms/rain. We look to remain in this pattern, and have it reinforced over the next few days. The only caveat is that we […]

Warm and Active Pattern Upcoming

Real-time Radar: Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was just really, really cold. And also: my forecast for yesterday was potentially my worst one for WxOrNotBG since I have been here, and I apologize for that. I didn’t anticipate temps to fall into the low teens by any stretch yesterday morning, and I anticipated a cloudier forecast for […]

Sort of Gloomy Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was arguably the nicest day that we have seen since spring. It wasn’t humid, it was sunny and it was cool outside. You can’t really beat that, honestly. Some stats: High of 77°F No precip Great example of dense #fog retreat over #WKU this morning. Sun rises, […]

Incredible Flooding in Minnesota

On Monday evening, a boundary that was laid across northern Minnesota and Wisconsin by overnight convection was a forcing mechanism and a steering mechanism for heavy rainfall. The region saw multiple rounds of convection throughout the day, and this rainfall trained over the region for hours. The environment was prime for crazy amounts of rainfall […]

Potentially Catastrophic Hurricane Patricia To Impact Mexico

Over the past couple days, we have seen Hurricane Patricia churn over the eastern Pacific. Only, the last time we updated you about it, it only had winds of 130 mph, and was a Category 4 storm.   #Patricia is the 9th Cat. 4-5 of the NE Pac (to 180W) season, eclipsing the old full-season record […]