Most Accurate Winter Forecast?

Joe Bastardi and the WeatherBell Analytics LLC have made the most accurate winter forecast over the past several years. They may be on to something. Lets take a look at their upcoming winter forecast. John Belski from WLKY News out of Louisville summed up WeatherBells forecast nicely in his recent weather blog. “It will be […]

New Winter Forecasts Issued

NOAA and AccuWeather have issued their winter weather forecasts. It is always interesting to see what the big weather names are thinking winter will bring this far out. Here is what they had to say: NOAA’s Winter Forecast: NOAA is showing equal chances of above or below precipitation and temperatures across south central Kentucky. However, […]

Watch Out for Bogus Winter Forecast

It seems that every year around this time the Internet is flooded with long-range winter forecasts. These forecasts attempt to predict temperatures, precipitation amounts, and even precipitation types. Long-range forecasting involves trying to predict the overall jet stream pattern and meteorologists use teleconnections (El Nino, La Nina, NAO, etc.) to try and predict this pattern. […]