Ways To Beat The Heat In BG

As we all have seen recently, it has been incredibly hot outside. Temperatures have been soaring into the mid 90s across the region; and this, combined with dewpoints approaching the upper 70s, has made conditions just unbearable. Some of you would prefer to just stay inside on days like this and drink a nice glass […]

Ice Caves in Michigan

There are a series of caves along the coast of Michigan and Lake Superior. The cave located in Grand Island, Michigan has become quite famous for the stunning photos that come from it during the winter season, when it freezes over. According to Things to do in the UP: Grand Island, or at least its […]

Hole Punch Clouds

Several Hole Punch clouds were seen in eastern Kentucky today. A hole punch cloud, often referred to as a Fallstreak Hole, are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing, but the water has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation particles. When ice crystals do form it will […]

Phoenix Flood Impact

Massive flooding is taking place across Phoenix, Arizona.  It is estimated that rainfall amounts topped 4″ in a little over an hour, resulting in widespread flooding across portions of the city. Monsoon deluge flooding near Phoenix, water rescues in progress. More: http://t.co/wSfoKXPPVK Image via @12news pic.twitter.com/8WnT3H7B8O — Capital Weather Gang (@capitalweather) August 19, 2014 Flooding […]

Jeff Ruby’s in Covington is…sinking?

Jeff Ruby’s, a water-friendly restaurant located in Covington, KY has had it’s fair share of blunders over the years, however, the most recent incident resulted in a hole in its hull.  This has led to the now partially-infamous eatery to sink… PHOTO: From #Chopper9. Jeff Ruby’s Waterfront sinking into the Ohio River. pic.twitter.com/n15o67qdoW — Libby […]

Stormy Weather Possible

Real Time Regional Radar:   Today 7/7 – Isolated Thunderstorms – High 93° / Tonight – Isolated Thunderstorms – Low 74° Today, a longwave trough will be entering the region from the west. We should wake up to relatively calm conditions across the area, perhaps some cloudy skies. We’ll continue to see the temperatures and […]

The “Boiling Water Experience” Backfires

With a frigid cold airmass in place across much of the Continental US, many people have made up creative ways to play with science and mother nature.  If you’re not aware, a “boiling water becomes water vapor” experiment took mad across the country.  I even performed it myself.  Take a look at the previous post […]

Sunday Update

Today – Mostly Sunny – High 55 / Tonight – Clear – Low 34 7am 41 ~ 10am 47 ~ 1pm 54 ~ 4pm 51 ~ 7pm 47 High pressure is currently building in from our west, which should provide partly to mostly sunny skies across south central Kentucky today. Temperatures will continue to be […]