Afternoon Storm Chances Continue Into Weekend

Happy Thursday, Bowling Green! The weekend is almost here! Along with it comes the continued chances for showers and thunderstorms, accompanied by that oh-so typical summertime heat and humidity. Showers Possible Today After a relatively wet week so far, the streak could very well continue for your Thursday as well. After starting in the lower […]

The Rest of the Week Looks Pretty “Meh”

The Headline The main headline over the next few days will be the daily threat for showers and storms that we look to see. We are in a pattern that favors cloudiness, and will be favorable for us to see storms, especially Thursday afternoon and night. In addition to that, Harvey’s remnants look to approach […]

Afternoon Flood Threat Update

As most of you are well aware, we are already being subject to significant rainfall from the remnants of Tropical Storm Cindy this afternoon. Rain moved in early this morning, and has since given us a brief break. More showers should be moving through the region over the next hour and into the evening. Multiple […]

WxOrNotBG Tweets of the Week

Twitter is a meteorologist’s best friend and worst enemy. Meteorologists send out hundreds of tweets per day, and it is such a useful tool for dispensing information. Many times, though, hype will begin and spread like fire on Twitter. Other times, it saves someone’s life. Therefore, Twitter sees the best and worst out of meteorologists […]

Bowling Green Weather Continues to look Warm

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was another really nice day in the line of nice days that we have seen going all the way back to the beginning of last week. Highs only jumped into the mid 80s, and skies were mostly sunny across the region. It was just really nice, and […]

A Running History of Hurricane Matthew

As many of you know, Hurricane Matthew is on a tear across the north-central Caribbean right now. Matthew formed on Wednesday of last week, and hasn’t looked back since. He has posed a threat to the central Caribbean, and now is posing a threat to the US. This is his story. Wednesday, September 28th. Matthew […]