Storm Chances Return For Midweek

After a few dry but warm days, the pattern begins to shift today as we welcome tropical downpours back to the forecast as storm chances return for midweek. Things Stay Scattered For Wednesday We’ll get this rain party started today as yesterday’s ridge begins to break down and allow scattered showers and thunderstorms associated with […]

Tropical System Brings Precipitation To The Area

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Expect precipitation and muggy temperatures today followed by very similar conditions over the next two days. Today we will receive heavy precipitation thanks to the tropical system that has made landfall in the southern United States. As that system continues to move northward, we will keep receiving more heavy rainfall. […]

The Week in Tropical Weather

I have come to the conclusion that I post way too much about the tropics. I am no expert in tropical meteorology, I wouldn’t even call myself an amateur. Tropical Meteorology is a much different animal than mid-latitude meteorology, and as such, it is difficult for me to apply my knowledge of mid-latitude meteorology to […]

Tropical Depression Five Forms in the Eastern Pacific

Tropical Depression Five has formed in the eastern Pacific as of this afternoon. This is the fifth storm to form within the past few weeks, and the majority of them have moved in a very similar pattern. TD Five comes after Hurricane Blas, and is currently following Hurricane Celia. Blas was a very intense hurricane, […]

Tropical Storm Joaquin (wah- Keen) Is Challenging Forecasters

Mid-day on Monday, Tropical Storm Joaquin formed over the western portions of the Atlantic Ocean. When it initially formed, it was fairly weak out in the open waters, and was experiencing some higher wind shear. Thus, it’s center was exposed form the convection, which isn’t good for tropical cyclones. However, today, it has gradually organized […]

Atlantic Tropical Update

Tropical activity in the Atlantic Ocean has really heated up since our last update regarding Subtropical Storm Fay. Fay has strengthened over the past few days and has become Hurricane Fay; the fifth hurricane of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. Hurricane Fay is a category 1 hurricane is currently located nearly 300 miles northeast of Bermuda […]

NOAA sends Coyote aircrafts inside Hurricane Edouard

The NOAA Hurricane Hunters released unmanned Coyote aircrafts inside Hurricane Edouard Monday.  The aircrafts were sent in to fly near the ocean surface to collect data.  The following is an excerpt from an article released by NOAA Monday morning: “NOAA hurricane hunters entered a new chapter in the use of unmanned aircraft systems today when scientists […]

Navarre, Florida Waterspout Well Documented

A waterspout occurred earlier today off the coast of Navarre, Florida. The Navarre, Florida waterspout was very well documented as Twitter was full of pictures of the large waterspout. Waterspouts are much like tornadoes, only they form over water, often times without the presence of a mesocyclone. Waterspouts are often much weaker than tornadoes. Check […]

Tropical Weather Terminology

Living in Kentucky, it’s easy to get much of the tropical weather terminology mixed up since we’re never directly affected. But as storms have been hitting the coasts of both Mexico and the United States within the last few weeks, it is helpful to understand the genesis of tropical weather. According to the National Hurricane […]