Rainy Wednesday Before Fall Arrives Tomorrow

Good morning everyone! We are half way through the week and the weekend is almost in sight. It is a good idea to bring your rain gear today, as we will have a rainy Wednesday before Fall arrives tomorrow. Today A strong cold front will be bringing chances for showers today, so don’t forget your […]

Storm Train Continues Into The Weekend

After a prolonged stretch of sunny but hot and muggy weather, we’re finally getting some relief. However, this means more wet weather as the storm train continues into the weekend. Rain Remains in Friday Forecast and it stays mainly on the plain in Spain I mean, we’ll continue to deal with on and off storm […]

Two More Days of Spring, Before Summer Returns

Hey folks! I hope everyone is having an awesome start to the summer season! I just got back from a two week honeymoon with my beautiful bride, and I couldn’t be more excited to be back forecasting! How great has the weather been the past few days!? It has been some of the better summer […]

Breezy Friday Leads to a Wet and Cooler Weekend

Sunny, windy & warm today; strong storms, heavy rain anticipated Saturday. Details in this morning's Final Finish weather update: Posted by Landon Hampton on Friday, April 13, 2018 Outside of the breeziness, yesterday was quite the nice weather day with temperatures exceeding the 80º mark under brilliantly sunny skies. A nice (breezy) spring day. The […]

We are Currently Experiencing a Weather Vacation

The Headline You know how terrible the weather has been for the past couple of weeks? Heat advisories, high dewpoints, misery outside, etc.? Yeah, the atmosphere did something about that. We are now on an all expenses paid, three day weather vacation. Included in this package is wonderful temperatures, lowered humidity and sunny skies. How […]

WxRecap: 72 Hour Weather Rollercoaster

Let me just start by saying that Saturday was likely one of the wildest weather days of 2016 across the US, not just here. Saturday was a day that will live in infamy in my mind, mainly because it was just ridiculous. The build up to the event itself was large, and it did not […]

Fantastic Fall Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Good morning, Bowling Green! Is this weather beautiful or what? I know it may feel a bit chilly for some, but it sure beats the heat we’ve been having! Anyway, According to the NWS Daily Climate Report, Bowling Green had a high of 71 degrees yesterday. The more […]

Sunny and Cool Bowling Green Weather

Real time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! According to the NWS Climate Report, Bowling Green had a high of 64 degrees yesterday. We could not have asked for a better college football Saturday. Spoiler Alert: today is going to be another super awesome day, as well! Via Giphy.com Forecast Summary Today: […]

Summer in Bowling Green, Again?

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was just WAY too hot for me. According to the NWS Climate Report for Bowling Green, yesterday we had a high of 82 degrees across the area. Unfortunately for us, our temperatures are going to remain in the mid to upper 80’s for most of the week! […]

Heat is On The Way For Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Well, how does one describe perfection while being surrounding by insanity? That is how to describe the weather yesterday. It was perfect, and the insanity was the first day of the semester. It was a crazy day, but when it feels awesome outside, it is hard to think […]