Dry, Cold Thanksgiving Week

We escaped yesterday’s severe weather with a few scrapes, but luckily, at this point in time, no significant damage has been reported in our immediate area. The NWS Louisville office will be conducting three storm surveys today, in Ohio, Meade and Bullitt County. Peak wind gusts around our vicinity topped out between the mid 40s […]

Severe Weather, Including Possible Tornadoes, Strikes South-Central Kentucky

The storm system that impacted south central Kentucky late last night into the early morning hours of today was poised to be the greatest threat for severe weather in quite some time.  In terms of the number of severe weather reports, it didn’t disappoint in that respect… The Storm Prediction Center nailed their forecast for […]

EF-1 Tornado Confirmed in Scott County

An EF-1 tornado has been confirmed in Scott County, Kentucky. Here is the preliminary report from the National Weather Service: Damage Type: Tornado Date: Oct 07 2014 EF Scale: 1 Wind Speed: 105 MPH Path Length: 0.49 miles so far…survey not yet completed Path Width: 150 yards Start Time: 03:48 PM EDT Start Location: 1.72 […]

Possible Tornadoes Across Kentucky

The NWS is sending out damage survey teams today to portions of north central and eastern Kentucky after a series of intense storms impacted the region yesterday.   Today we’re surveying damage in northern Kentucky to determine if any tornadoes touched down there yesterday. pic.twitter.com/RCkx2s2StH — NWS Wilmington OH (@NWSILN) October 8, 2014 >80 severe […]

EF-1 Tornado Confirmed In Clinton County

In the wake of yesterdays severe storms, significant damage was reported in Clinton County.  Many of us experienced loads of hail that downed limbs and leaves, however, this damage was more significant.  The following video was posted on Facebook by Amanda Bray yesterday evening, displaying what appears to be a funnel/tornado taking place near Wolf […]

EF4 Tornado Hits Pilger, NE

With yesterday morning’s sunrise came the dreaded scenes out of Pilger, NE.  After a large tornado ripped through this town Monday afternoon, images being exported out through social media has been a humbling reminder of how much power Mother Nature truly holds… The aerial photo from the AP shows the path of Monday’s tornado through […]

NWS Paducah Investigating Storm Damage

**Update**  The Paducah National Weather Service has determined a straight line wind event impacted a large area spanning from Nebo, Ky to the south side of Christian County, Ky. The max width this event covered was ~10 miles, with a length spanning to ~50 miles.  Peak wind speeds were estimated at ~85mph…all impressive statistics. —————————————— The National Weather […]

EF2 Tornado Confirmed In Christian County

After the passing of yesterday’s inclement weather, heavy damage was reported 5-10 miles northeast of Hopkinsville, Ky.  The Paducah National Weather Service conducted a storm survey today, and determined that an EF2 tornado caused the damage. I posted this radar grab via twitter as the storms were working over Christian County yesterday afternoon.  The County […]