NWS Confirms Two Tornadoes Struck South-Central Kentucky

After the severe weather that impacted our region on Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service has now confirmed that two tornadoes struck south-central Kentucky early Wednesday morning. The first tornado struck in the western portion of Butler County south of Rochester at approximately 12:35 AM CST and was on the ground for around 2 minutes. The […]

Severe Weather, Including Possible Tornadoes, Strikes South-Central Kentucky

The storm system that impacted south central Kentucky late last night into the early morning hours of today was poised to be the greatest threat for severe weather in quite some time.  In terms of the number of severe weather reports, it didn’t disappoint in that respect… The Storm Prediction Center nailed their forecast for […]

Severe Weather Threat Remains Tonight and Into Tomorrow

Real-Time Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was probably ten times nicer than I expected it to be in any scenario. I didn’t see clouds clearing out as quickly as they did, so I was completely wrong on the forecast. I mean, you win some, you lose some, right? Oh well. Forecast Summary Today: Mostly cloudy, with […]

Severe Weather Threat Looming on Friday

Real-time Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was basically a weird spring-like day. Let me explain. During the spring, there are plenty of days that are cloudy, pretty showery and just overall are bleh. Well, that was yesterday, only with warm temperatures associated with it. I mean, at this point, I just as much assume that Spring is […]

Crazy Squall Line Passed Over The Gulf Coast Last Night

Last night, a textbook squall line (called a quasi-linear convective system, or QLCS) marched off the coast of Texas, and moved across the northern Gulf of Mexico. The northern portion of this came ashore in southern Louisiana, and developed into what was a classic look for a strong QLCS. The red X indicates the location of […]

The Impact of Extreme Weather Events: My Account

On Friday, my cowriter Jacob Wilkins wrote a piece about the impact that extreme weather events have on meteorologists and the biases they have towards other events. It was very well written, and captured the real struggle that some meteorologists face when writing forecasts and handling certain situations. I am here to tell my account […]

Stormy Pattern

Today 2/19 – Partly Sunny – High 65˚ / Tonight – Scat’d Showers & Storms – Low 43˚ 6am 57˚ ~ 9am 58˚ ~ 12pm 60˚ ~ 3pm 65˚ ~ 6pm 50˚ ~ 9pm 46˚ Scattered showers & storms that impacted us early this morning have made way to partly cloudy skies.  We should see […]