Stormy Bowling Green Weather in Store

Real time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday’s weather can be defined by saying it was a lot like the mean weather conditions lately: quiet, sunny and hot. It was fairly warm outside, as sunny skies dominated the atmosphere. Highs in Bowling Green reached 90°F at the airport, and 88°F at the mesonet station. […]

Stormier Bowling Green Weather on the Way

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday’s weather was, again, very warm out. But also: it was ridiculously humid. This led to a miserable day outside, which made being out in it miserable as well. I will say, I am very happy about that for one reason: my forecast was spot on! We had […]

Opinion: The Definition of a Tornado Outbreak Needs Updating

What do you think of when you see posted in an article title, “There has been a tornado outbreak…”? Do you think of a set number of tornadoes, an idea of what a tornado outbreak is, supercells, a place in the world, etc? The list of things associated with tornado outbreaks can be expanded upon […]

Opinion: The Storm Predicition Center Should Become Regionalized

I am all for change within the meteorological world. It’s something that a lot of meteorologists surprisingly fight against, but as with anything, people get set in their ways and refuse to try to do things better. Social media is one example. The weather world (at least NWS affiliates) was several years behind on that […]

Wet and Stormy Bowling Green Weather

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar:   ***FLASH FLOOD WATCH IN EFFECT UNTIL 8 PM*** Today 12/28 – Showers and Thunderstorms; Windy – High 72° / Tonight – Mostly Cloudy – Low 47° A warm front is currently located across much of Tennessee. This will begin to lift northward into our region during the morning […]

Manic Wednesday In Store For The Region

Real time BG Radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with isolated storms. High around 86ºF. Tonight: Increasing clouds with a shower/storm chance late. Lows around 75ºF. Well, today surely looks better than yesterday was. Yesterday was characterized by fairly cool conditions, persistant cloud cover and rainfall for the majority of the day across many locales. Today definitely […]

Monday Morning Bowling Green Weather Update

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar: Today 5/11 – Scattered Strong PM Storms; Windy – High 85˚ / Tonight – Iso’d Showers & Storms Early; Clearing Skies – Low 59˚ 6am 68˚ –9am 74˚ – 12pm 81˚ – 3pm 84˚ – 6pm 78˚ Good morning! We’re off to a very mild start today, as early morning lows have only managed […]

Sunday Afternoon Bowling Green Weather Update

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar: Today 5/10 – Scattered Showers & Thunderstorms – High 87˚ / Tonight – Iso’d Showers & Storms – Low 66˚ 6am 64˚ –9am 75˚ – 12pm 82˚ – 3pm 86˚ – 6pm 81˚ Good morning, another warm and muggy day is expected today ahead of a trough to our west. […]