Cooler Temperatures On the Way

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar Today – Sct’d Storms & Partly Sunny; High 91˚ / Tonight –Sct’d Storms & Mostly Cloudy; Low 74˚ Howdy, Bowling Green! To be completely honest, it’s gonna be HOT today! Highs will be in the low 90’s with very high humidity. Heat index values could be as high as 102˚, […]

More Clouds and Rain Showers

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar: Today – Partly Sunny; Scat’d Showers & Storms – High 83˚ / Tonight – Cloudy, Scat’d Showers – Low 67˚ Howdy, Bowling Green! We have finally made it to Friday! The only downside, however, is the “rinse and repeat” forecast of scattered shower & storms that will continue today into […]