Stormy Tuesday on the Way

wxornotBG, 10/10/2017: Scattered showers and storms today give way to a cool down over the next couple of days. Publicado por Landon Hampton em Terça-feira, 10 de outubro de 2017 The Headlines We’ve dealt with some rain the past few days thanks to what was once Nate but after a break to start the new […]

Fourth Of July Might Actually Be Sunny

Real-Time BG Radar: Fourth Of July: Partly sunny, with a chance for scattered storms. High of 81ºF. Tonight: 100% chance of fireworks all night. Scattered storms remaining. Low of 67ºF. Happy 239th Birthday America! I wish I could celebrate my birthday with fireworks. Anyways, it has been a fun ride. You’ve provided us with the best […]