Bowling Green Weather Continues to Look Stormy

Real time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Ahh, yesterday. The weather was about exactly what I expected it to end up being, but there may have been a few more showers/storms across the region than I expected. Otherwise, it was a fairly good day! My temperature forecast was not superb, as we hit 90°F. […]

Stormy Bowling Green Weather to Continue

Real time Bowling Green Weather radar Yesterday’s Weather Well, that was interesting. What a 4th of July! The atmosphere was really giving all of us a fireworks show before the real one! It was honestly crazy. I wrote about the basics of it in our latest WxRecap post last night. In general, yesterday was active, […]

Active Bowling Green Weather Continues

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday’s weather was fairly interesting, as a cold front pushed into and through the region, leading to some strong to isolated severe thunderstorms. There was a weak shear profile in place, leading to a lack of organization of the storms, and thus, weaker storms. Temps were warm before […]

WxRecap: Heat and Evening Severe Storms

Today wasn’t overly wild like yesterday was, but today was wild in a much, much different sense. A surface low was propagating into the Mid Atlantic states from southeastern Canada, and along to its west was a cold front. For the majority of the day, we weren’t too influenced by it, outside of westerly to […]

Crazy Weather On The Way

Real-time BG Radar: Today: Windy and warm. Highs around 71ºF. Tonight: Windy, with mostly cloudy skies and a chance for severe thunderstorms. Lows dipping to around 48ºF. Boy, do we have a complex forecast for you all today! Sit back, and get the popcorn ready (or review your severe weather preparedness plan). First of all, […]

Manic Wednesday In Store For The Region

Real time BG Radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with isolated storms. High around 86ºF. Tonight: Increasing clouds with a shower/storm chance late. Lows around 75ºF. Well, today surely looks better than yesterday was. Yesterday was characterized by fairly cool conditions, persistant cloud cover and rainfall for the majority of the day across many locales. Today definitely […]

Scorching Today; Severe Weather Potential Monday

Today 6/7 – Sunny & Muggy – High 91˚(!) / Tonight – Iso’d Storms – Low 72˚ If you’re a fan of hot sweat, frizzed hair and damp clothing, today is the day for you!  It will be a brutal day as far as our weather is concerned, with high dewpoints coinciding with plentiful amounts […]

Blackhawk, SD Supercell Timelapse

Blackhawk, SD Supercell Timelapse: Yesterday, just east of Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota, a beautiful, low-precipitation supercell thunderstorm developed.  Luckily for us, Dan McKemy uploaded this amazing timelapse of the storm for our viewing pleasure.  Look at that amazing structure and rotation.  Impressive, indeed!

WKU Storm Chase Starts Today

The annual WKU Storm Chase kicks off today, with Dr. Joshua Durkee and Dr. Grady Dixon leading the charge.  Eight of WKU’s finest meteorology students will join the chase team as they take off toward the plains this morning. The course, Field Methods in Weather Analysis & Forecasting, will put the students in a real-time […]