WxRecap: Storm Insanity Has Ruled Bowling Green

That really did escalate quickly this afternoon. There had been a strong vorticity maximum across eastern Kansas this morning, moving eastward as time progressed. It was forcing a decaying mesoscale convective system (MCS) as it moved east; however, it had the precipitation. As this was progressing eastward, the atmosphere across southern Kentucky was seeing plentiful […]

Five Years Ago Today: Massachusetts Tornadoes

On this day five years ago, a severe weather event occurred in Massachusetts, and produced four tornadoes across a small area. These tornadoes occurred within a small proximity to Springfield, MA, with the strongest tornado taking a direct path across Springfield. Northeastern US severe weather events always fascinate me, but especially tornado events across that […]

Stormy Bowling Green Weather Looking Likely

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with scattered storms possible. Highs around 89°F. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with lows falling to around 65°F. Well, yesterday was a bit cloudier than I expected across the region, and this held temps a bit lower than I expected, with highs only topping out in the mid […]

Summer-like Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather radar: Today: Partly cloudy, with isolated storms possible. Highs around 86°F. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with storms remaining possible. Lows falling to around 65°F. Today’s forecast looks to be pretty tough overall, as the short-term guidance is currently performing incredibly bad with the current set up across the region. This gives me […]

Crazy Squall Line Passed Over The Gulf Coast Last Night

Last night, a textbook squall line (called a quasi-linear convective system, or QLCS) marched off the coast of Texas, and moved across the northern Gulf of Mexico. The northern portion of this came ashore in southern Louisiana, and developed into what was a classic look for a strong QLCS. The red X indicates the location of […]

Sunday Afternoon Weather Update

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: This Evening – Isolated Strong Storms; Windy; Hot – Low 73° Isolated strong storms have been forming to the east of the region throughout the day this afternoon. These storms have been slowly drifting to the southeast. Additional thunderstorms may form during the evening hours, however these should remain isolated […]

Monday Morning Bowling Green Weather Update

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar: Today 5/11 – Scattered Strong PM Storms; Windy – High 85˚ / Tonight – Iso’d Showers & Storms Early; Clearing Skies – Low 59˚ 6am 68˚ –9am 74˚ – 12pm 81˚ – 3pm 84˚ – 6pm 78˚ Good morning! We’re off to a very mild start today, as early morning lows have only managed […]

New Orleans Train Blown Off Track

Severe storms producing wind gusts up to 70 mph caused a train to be blown off of its track in New Orleans on Monday. The train was blown off of the Huey P. Long Bridge, which is located southwest of the city. The incredible video below shows the train cars as they toppled off the […]

Kansas Tornadoes

Parts of Kansas saw some wild weather yesterday evening. Several tornadoes were reported near Wichita and Medicine lodge , Kansas. Here is the SPC storm reports for the day. Notice a majority of the tornado reports occurred in south central Kansas.   The supercell near Wichita was really cranking in this radar image. Big Hail! […]