Active Week of Storm Chances Ahead

I’m happy to report the low stratus cloud deck that plagued the region throughout much of our Saturday has skirted off to the east, allowing rays of sunshine to take over.  Southerly winds will take over as an area of high pressure dips to our east, allowing for a nice warm up, with highs reaching […]

The Weather Month In Review: July

The brains at WxOrNotBG have recently brought you a weekly post called, “The Weather Week In Review”, and we’ll highlight the major events from across the state during the past week. Well, at the end of each month, we’ll be doing a, “Weather Month In Review” reviewing the past month, the coolest stuff, etc. The previous […]

Storminess Gives Way To Warmth And Sun

Real-time radar: Today: Partly Sunny, Scat’d Storms (Potentially Severe). High of 90ºF. Tonight: Storms early, followed by clearing skies. Low of 69ºF. Phew, yesterday was crazy (especially where I was at near Lexington). I just feel like yesterday was just a bunch of craziness, and by the end of the day, I just wanted to […]

Scorching Today; Severe Weather Potential Monday

Today 6/7 – Sunny & Muggy – High 91˚(!) / Tonight – Iso’d Storms – Low 72˚ If you’re a fan of hot sweat, frizzed hair and damp clothing, today is the day for you!  It will be a brutal day as far as our weather is concerned, with high dewpoints coinciding with plentiful amounts […]

A Warm Weekend, With Scattered Storms Today

Real-time BG Radar: Today: Partly to mostly cloudy, with scattered storms this evening. High of 83ºF. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low of 65ºF. Well, its been one of the stormier stretches that we have had in a while around here! This week featured several days in incredibly muggy temperatures, and scattered storms dotting the radar […]

Nice Today; Memorial Day Rain Chances

Today 5/24 – Mostly Sunny – High 84˚ / Tonight – Iso’d Storms – Low 65˚ An upper ridge will provide another day of partly to mostly sunny skies across south central Kentucky.  This ridge will slowly shift east of the area, allowing for southerly flow to amp up. Wind speeds will range from 10 […]

This Weekend’s Weather Will Be Like Coffee

Today: The “good” coffee day. Partly to mostly cloudy, with a high of 80ºF. Tonight: Bad coffee begins. Clouds and rain increasing across the area. Low of 64ºF. Just as a preface to this post, I love coffee. And when deciding how to come up with an analogy for this weekend, what better way to describe a weekend’s […]

Keeping It Wet

This Afternoon – Showers Diminishing – High 60˚ / Tonight – Cloudy – Low 50˚ The shield of precipitation that created flooding problems across the region this morning has shifted well north of the area.  Total rainfall amounts from the past 24 hours across the area ranged between 1 – 3″.   There were a […]

Fantastic Weather Upcoming

This afternoon: Sunny skies, temps around 64ºF. Tonight: Clear. Lows around 42ºF. Isn’t this nice? After a week of muggy, uncomfortable weather, we are rewarded with incredible weather. Oh, how nice a change up this is. It feels like spring for once! Many of us were awoken by some nasty thunderstorms that rolled across the state last […]

Blizzard Of Boredom = Our Forecast

Real-time Radar: Today 1/27 – Cloudy “Blerg” – High 36ºF / Tonight – Mostly cloudy – Low of 25ºF. Well, in contrast to last night’s snowfall, today should be a quieter. We saw total snow accumulations ranging from a nice dusting to ~1.5″, which boded very well with our forecast from yesterday.  The highest totals were actually […]