NWS Louisville Upgrades Storm Surveys

The NWS Louisville office announced on Tuesday that they will soon be providing new and improved storm surveys to the public.  They will be providing two separate kinds of surveys related to single and multiple damage paths.  The screenshot below was taken from NWS Louisville.  It showcases how the new single path survey will look: The […]

Summer Reading At Butler County Library

I had the privilege of leading today’s reading lesson at the Butler County Public Library.  We covered topics including severe weather safety, convective modes & features, tornadoes, and storm chasing.  The group was very educated and attentive!  Thank you all for having me, and a special thanks to Tammy Phelps-Suggs for giving me the opportunity. […]

Cold Air Funnel In Warren County

As mentioned in this morning’s forecast post, cold air funnels and small hail would be possible with any showers and storms that developed today.  Shortly after 9am, cells started to pop up in southern Warren County.  Not long after they popped, reports started rolling in of small hail near Plano & Boyce: Hey @WxOrNotBG should i be […]

Plano Elementary Trip

I had the privilege of traveling to Plano Elementary School this afternoon to discuss weather with the 3rd & 4th grade classes.  We covered a wide range of topics including storm chasing, the water cycle, laws of forecasting and more! The group was very attentive and well behaved.  They had some fantastic questions for me […]

Why Do You Chase?

“Why do you storm chase?” This is a question I am asked all too often, and rightfully so. Weather is a majestic mystery to the vast majority of the public.  This encapsulates people to want to learn more, and for similar reasons, I take the risks involved with chasing more often than not. The average Joe’s […]