Dust Storm Hits Phoenix

On Tuesday of this week, part of the Phoenix area became engulfed in a dust storm – something that is not uncommon for that area, but still fascinating nonetheless. Due to thunderstorms around the region, winds picked up sand and dirt, fanning the debris outward and turning the sky black (Capital Weather Gang). Great shot […]

Record Heat in Phoenix!!!

There were some errors with the surface observations a few days ago in Phoenix, Arizona. The National Weather Service surface observations experienced several crazy temperature spikes. Watch how Cory McCloskey, a TV meteorologist at Fox 10 News handled the mess during a live broadcast. Kudos to this guy for the great improvisation!

Phoenix Flood Impact

Massive flooding is taking place across Phoenix, Arizona.  It is estimated that rainfall amounts topped 4″ in a little over an hour, resulting in widespread flooding across portions of the city. Monsoon deluge flooding near Phoenix, water rescues in progress. More: http://t.co/wSfoKXPPVK Image via @12news pic.twitter.com/8WnT3H7B8O — Capital Weather Gang (@capitalweather) August 19, 2014 Flooding […]