Spotty Showers for Memorial Day and Beyond

Good morning, everyone, and happy Memorial Day! As we remember those who sacrificed their lives for us back home, make sure to keep social distancing, but also enjoy the day! Although it will be warm, spotty showers are possible for Memorial Day and beyond. Memorial Day Tornado Outbreak: 1 Year Anniversary Around this time in […]

James Spann To Visit WKU

James Spann is a nationally recognized, awarded, and prominent broadcast meteorologist who is coming to WKU to discuss one of the most devastating tornado outbreaks on record, which occurred during April 2011.  James works in Birmingham, AL, an area that was in the epicenter of the outbreak. The presentation is currently slated for April 2nd […]

Severe Weather Season Starts Slow

With only 27 (SPC) tornadoes through March 12th, some might say we are off to a slow severe weather start. Does this mean we are in for a weak severe weather season? Not necessarily. The cold weather across the country has definitely had an impact on the amount of severe weather we have seen so […]

Tornado Digest: June 15-21

If you’re a fan of our Weather Buzz section, you know last week had three big days of severe weather across the Plains, which included several tornadoes.  The following video displays the deadly EF4 tornado that hit Pilger, NE on June 16th, 2014 to refresh your memory: I ran across a great article produced by […]

Tornado Debris – How Far Can It Go?

Over the course of April 27 and April 28, a severe weather outbreak commenced over the south-central to southeast United States. 107 tornadoes were reported over the course of two days (filtered per SPC).  A few of the tornadoes were rather intense, launching debris from populated regions several miles away. Wx Or Not BG team […]