The First WxOrNotBG Weather Events of the Year Poll

I know for a fact that many of you share in my love for College Football. I love college football. It is awesome, relatively unpredictable and just fun to watch. College football (in my opinion) is light years better than the NFL, and is just more pleasant to watch and be around. Over the past […]

Six Years ago: An Incredible Low Pressure System

Six years ago yesterday/today: an incredible mid-latitude cyclone developed across the central portion of the United States and deepened as it moved northward into the northern Plains. This low pressure system is honestly one of the more incredible meteorological anomalies that I have ever seen, as it was an absolutely beautiful example of the foundations […]

A Technical Discussion of the June 29, 2012 Derecho

Four years ago today, one of the more infamous derechoes in recorded meteorological history formed. This formed across northern Illinois and northern Indiana, and raced southeastward across the northern fringe of an intense surface high pressure system. This was an absolutely classic derecho, and was one of the more destructive events in recent memory, and […]

Smoke Plume in Western Kentucky Detected by Radar

A large structure fire in Draffenville, KY created a large, dark smoke plume. This smoke plume was detected by the radar at the National Weather Service in Paducah, KY.   Looks like KPAH saw smoke from large fire in Draffenville, KY. @NWSPaducah @JRukavinaWPSD — Jacob Wilkins (@JacobWilkinswx) April 5, 2016 According to West Kentucky […]

The Weather Is Looking Up

Real-Time BG Radar: Today: Mostly cloudy, with rainfall exiting. An early high of 60ºF. Tonight: Gradual clearing, with lows falling to around 44ºF. Today is gonna be really odd weatherwise. Not necessarily bad, like the pat few days, but just weird. A cold front will move through during the early morning hours today, driving out the […]

A Letter To Weather Service Employees

Dear Employees of the NWS, NHC, WPC, SPC, CPC, and associates: Thank you. Thank you for all that you do. As we know here at WxOrNotBG, weather doesn’t stop. It doesn’t respect holidays or traditions, times of the year, seasons, or feelings. The weather is always in motion, and will stay in motion. And you […]

NWS Forecasters Document Dust Devil

National Weather Service forecasters from Jackson, Mississippi documented a large dust devil in Louisiana. Check out their incredible story and video below!   Two of our forecasters, while driving through northeast Louisiana this afternoon, happened upon the formation of a dust… Posted by US National Weather Service Jackson Mississippi on Thursday, September 24, 2015

The NWS Could Become 6 Centralized Offices??

Well, I am gonna put this one in the “News I Didn’t Wanna See” column today. This is infuriating on so many levels that it is crazy. Before I elaborate on just why, though, let me just lay out the facts for you. Earlier today, the Capital Weather Gang (CWG) published a piece about the Senate proposing […]

NWS Trying To Take A Stab At The TV World

Recently, the Capital Weather Gang released an article about the NWS Birmingham implementing a state-of-the-art TV Studio right in the office itself. This is an odd thing, because the NWS is typically seen as a behind the scenes operation, and is typically on the caboose of the Communications Train. This seems to be a strictly communication move, as […]