Squall Line

On Saturday night, Bowling Green and the rest of south central Kentucky was impacted by a familiar weather foe to the Ohio and Tennessee Valley’s.  This familiar foe is referred to as a squall line.  I snagged the following screen shot at approximately 8:20pm Saturday night.  It displays the squall line as it plowed east […]

Wednesday Afternoon Update

As forecast, a cold front is approaching from our west, pumping a moisture rich airmass northeast over south central Kentucky.  Cloud cover has increased across the area as a result, and this trend will continue through the afternoon.  This is illustrated by the model below:   Scattered showers have been tracking east/northeast over the area […]

Rain Chances Arrive

Today – Partly Cloudy, Scat’d Showers – High 73 / Tonight – Showers Likely – Low 60 7am 62 ~ 10am 70 ~ 1pm 73 ~ 4pm 73 Cold front is approaching from the west, which has increased cloud cover across the region.  Southwesterly flow continues to pump moisture over our proximity, which will increase […]