Tropical Depression Four Forms

Well, last evening, Tropical Depression Four formed in the southern portions of the Gulf of Mexico, specifically in the Bay of Campeche. This storm (as of 10 pm CDT) is located about 145 miles east-southeast of Tuxpan, Mexico and is moving to the west at 7 mph. It is a fairly young system, and will likely […]

Chamela, Mexico Patricia Damage

With all the commotion Hurricane Patricia caused late last week, very little was said about the damage left in its wake. Was the system overblown? No way. Hurricane Patricia just didn’t hit the “right” places. Hurricane Patricia managed to bypass major cities, thus less is known about the actual severity of Hurricane Patricia. Certain (ignorant) […]

Hurricane Patricia

The past 24 hours have been a whirlwind as tropical storm Patricia intensified into an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane with winds of 130 miles per hour. It looks to make landfall Friday evening, bringing with it destructive winds, rain, and deadly storm surge. Hurricane Patricia looks to hit central Mexico between Cabo Corrientes and […]

Tropical Depression Nine Makes Landfall In Mexico

Tropical Depression Nine is a weak tropical disturbance currently located about 90 miles WSW of Campeche, Mexico. The disturbance is moving ESE at 5mph and is expected to make landfall along the Yucatan Peninsula this evening. Earlier today, we saw convection around the storm increase and it was thought that the storm may briefly strengthen […]

Hurricane Simon to Impact Baja California

With the tropics continuing to look quiet in the Atlantic Ocean, we shift our attention to the eastern Pacific where Hurricane Simon could be a threat to western Mexico. Not to be confused with Simon Cowell, Hurricane Simon is currently situated 400 miles west of Baja California. Simon is a weak Category 2 hurricane with a low pressure […]

Odile Floods Southwest

Odile Floods Southwest: Hurricane Odile made landfall around Baha, California last week and quickly weakened. However, Odile still had major impacts on much of the Baha area and southwest U.S. Some areas saw more rain in a few days then they usually see in a year. Lots of flooding resulting in the heavy rainfall.   #Tropical […]

Tropical Storm Polo Forms in Eastern Pacific

  It looks like the tropics may be trying to play the game ‘Marco Polo,’ as Tropical Storm Polo has formed in the eastern Pacific. Overnight, an area of low pressure 300 miles south of Acapulco, Mexico was able to strengthen into a tropical storm. Polo has maximum sustained winds of 40mph and is currently […]

Tropical Storm Dolly Heads for Mexico

Tropical Depression Five has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Dolly, and continues to head for the coast of Mexico. According to the National Hurricane Center, Dolly has exhibited sustained winds near 50 mph and is expected to produce 5 to 10 inches of rainfall. This rain could cause major flash flooding as well as mudslides […]

Hurricane Hunters Take Flight Today

The National Hurricane Center is keeping their eye on an area of low pressure in the Caribbean 40 miles east of the Mexican coastline. Forecasters have given this area a 70% chance of forming into a tropical depression. The NOAA Hurricane Hunters will actually be flying into the storm today to gather some data for […]

Tropical Storm Amanda

Tropical Storm Amanda has formed in the eastern Pacific Ocean. As of 10 AM this morning, Tropical Storm Amanda was located about 620 miles south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. Amanda had maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and was moving west-northwest around 5 mph. Below is the current location and track of Amanda over the next […]