Wet and Unseasonably Cool Temperatures for the Weekend

Hello everyone! I’m glad you could join us this morning. As we remember back 75 years ago today to D-Day, we know that weather played a pivotal role in how the events of June 6th, 1944 played out. We remember and thank all of those who bravely sacrificed it all, from soldiers to meteorologists! As […]

Warmer Weather Upcoming

Real-time BG Radar: Today: Cold, with mostly sunny skies. Highs around 32ºF. Overnight, skies should be mostly clear, with lows around 28ºF. First of all, you all will likely be waking up to very cold temps this morning. With the dense snowpack in place, it is likely that temperatures will be in and around 5ºF, and maybe […]

Record Heat in Phoenix!!!

There were some errors with the surface observations a few days ago in Phoenix, Arizona. The National Weather Service surface observations experienced several crazy temperature spikes. Watch how Cory McCloskey, a TV meteorologist at Fox 10 News handled the mess during a live broadcast. Kudos to this guy for the great improvisation!

Are Meteorologists Always Wrong??

We’ve all heard the joke or made the joke…“I wish I could be wrong most the time and keep my job.” This of course is in reference to meteorologists, along with a plethora of other jokes. While it is no big deal (and actually funny at times) that people make jokes about this profession, it is […]

Founding Fathers…Or Meteorologists?

Few people realize that Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were avid weather enthusiasts, discovering and contributing great advancements to the field of meteorology. Thomas Jefferson, on his way to sign the Declaration of Independence, purchased a thermometer.  At approximately 2pm on July 4th, 1776, Jefferson observed 76°F and cloudy skies.  As my friend Ryan Hoke […]

The Weather Forecast That Changed History

The weather forecast for one of the most memorable days in American history proved to be a difficult and vital one.  WWII.  D-Day.  Originally scheduled for June 5th, 1944, D-Day would be the time Allied forces would launch an offensive invasion on the beaches of France in hopes of loosening the grip that the Nazi […]

Thursday Afternoon Update

This Afternoon – Partly Sunny – High 62 / Tonight – Clear – Low 40 4pm 63 ~ 7pm 54 ~ 10pm 48 ~ 1am 43 As forecast, skies have cleared to partly sunny, as the bulk of the cloud deck and leftover precip has advanced to our east.  Expect these conditions to hang around […]