Active Bowling Green Weather to Continue

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was crazy. Straight up. First of all, it was really windy all day long. We were consistently seeing gusts in the 30 mph range, with occasional gusts into the 40s throughout the day. Then last night? Oh my. We had a squall line move through that was strong. It […]

WxOrNotBG Tweets of the Week

Twitter is a meteorologist’s best friend and worst enemy. Meteorologists send out hundreds of tweets per day, and it is such a useful tool for dispensing information. Many times, though, hype will begin and spread like fire on Twitter. Other times, it saves someone’s life. Therefore, Twitter sees the best and worst out of meteorologists […]

Cooler Weather is Coming!

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Yesterday’s Weather According to both the NWS Climate Report and the Kentucky Mesonet, Bowling had a high temperature of 83 degrees yesterday. The weather was pretty gross and just not very fun for anyone. If I had to classify yesterday’s weather as a day of the week, it would definitely […]

“Groundhog Day” in August Bowling Green Weather

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Ahh, another day that really avoided storms across the region. The main forcing again lay to our west, so guess where the rain and storms were? To our west! Highs made it into the lower 90s across the region, with very little precip in BG. Forecast Summary Today: […]

Storm Chances Increasing for Bowling Green Weather

Real-Time Bowling Green Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday had some of the best weather we have seen in a few weeks. With northerly flow behind a weak front, we saw a drier airmass settle over SoKY and much of the western part of the state. My forecast for yesterday on Sunday wasn’t very good, but Jacob […]

Storms Are A’Comin

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Rain, rain, go away… We had some nice little storms pop up near Bowling Green yesterday! Unfortunately, we didn’t have as much rain as I thought we might have, so our temperatures didn’t quite cool off that much. According to the Kentucky Mesonet, Warren county had a high […]