Severe Storms Possible for Bowling Green Weather

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today 7/12 – Scattered AM Thunderstorms; Partly Cloudy; Hot – High 91° / Tonight – Partly Cloudy; Isolated Thunderstorms – Low 75° Scattered thunderstorms will likely be in and around the region this morning as overnight thunderstorm complexes continue to weaken as they move south. As the thunderstorms move […]

WNKY Interview: Wx Or Not Role

I sat down with Andrew Dockery of WNKY last week to discuss a few things in the weather world.  We posted the first part of the interview highlighting the second severe weather season late last week.  Today, we are making the second part of the interview available, in which we discuss the roles and responsibilities […]

Wx Or Not BG Featured in Washington Post

A huge milestone was met today with Wx Or Not BG. The Washington Post featured Landon Hampton & Wx Or Not BG in a post about shelf clouds on Monday. Landon’s awesome pictures of the shelf cloud that swallowed up Bowling Green Sunday lead to the plug on the Washington Post. Check out the following […]

Tornadoes In Warren County

Have you ever wondered how many tornadoes in Warren County have occurred? Well, you can now see some of those tornado tracks, thanks to a nifty website from Midwestern Regional Climate Center. The map is interactive and dates back tornado tracks to 1950. You can examine the strengths of tornadoes as well. In total, 10 […]