Fairly Uninteresting Bowling Green Weather

Real time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was, well, pretty hot to be honest. It was sunny all day, and because of this, it got fairly warm pretty quickly. My forecast busted by about 3 degrees, as the high was 90°F and I only went with 87°F. You win some, you lose some, right? […]

Climate Prediction Center Issues July Outlook

Yesterday, the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) issued their outlook for temperatures and precipitation for the month of July. The CPC does this on a monthly basis for full months, but they forecast for seasons, and give outlooks for 6-10 days and 8-14 days. The CPC looks at a variety of things for these extended outlooks, […]

Opinion: Definition of a Derecho

Recently, I read a published piece out of the SPC title, “A Proposed Revision To The Definition of ‘Derecho’”, and it was fantastic. A derecho is a long lived, convectively induced windstorm. It can often be violent, and must have continuous swaths of wind damage. Currently defined as, “the swath of wind damage extends for […]

The Weather Month In Review: July

The brains at WxOrNotBG have recently brought you a weekly post called, “The Weather Week In Review”, and we’ll highlight the major events from across the state during the past week. Well, at the end of each month, we’ll be doing a, “Weather Month In Review” reviewing the past month, the coolest stuff, etc. The previous […]

Nice Weather Ahead for Bowling Green

Real-time Bowling Green weather radar: Today, 7/30 – Becoming Mostly Sunny- High 89˚ / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 66˚ Good Thursday morning, Bowling Green! I have a pretty nice job this morning, as our forecast looks a lot friendlier than what the atmosphere has been dishing out the last few days. The cold […]

WxOrNotBG Tweets Of The Week

There are an endless amount of weather tweets that are sent out everyday. Whether it’s a puffy cumulus cloud or a beautiful sunset, there are a million (that might be literal) to go around. Now, some are quality, quality tweets. Others are….well, others are interesting. Either way, there are always great tweets out there. Here […]

This Is THE Coolest Tornado You’ve Ever Seen

Tornadoes are fairly common across the central US, and you have seen plenty of pictures of them. There are sunset pictures, pictures of tornadoes in the rain, pictures of mile-wide tornadoes, etc. I promise you, this is the coolest set of pictures that you’ve ever seen of a tornado. On Monday, a supercell in Kansas dropped […]

Cooler Temperatures in Store for Bowling Green

Bowling Green Weather / Real Time Radar: This Afternoon – Partly Cloudy; Breezy – High 81° / Tonight – Partly Cloudy – Low 57° 3pm 80º – 6pm 76º – 9pm 73º – 12am 67º – 3am 62º – 6am 57º Good afternoon, after a very busy weather weekend things will be quiet over the next […]

July Temperatures

We have seen an interesting July thus far with a few stretches of temperatures below normal. On average, temperatures are running 3.8°F below normal so far this month. Here are the numbers at the Bowling Green Airport for July so far, notice the past four days we have seen temperatures at least 10 degrees below normal. If […]