Showers, Strong Storms Then Cold Before Temperatures Rise for Easter

Strap yourself in for another wild ride called April weather. We are in for showers, strong storms then cold before temperatures rise for Easter. Morning and Early Afternoon Showers and Warm, Gusty Winds With temperatures in the mid 70’s, today actually looks pretty good if you don’t mind the gusty winds and occasional showers dropping […]

Nighttime Severe Storm Threat Looms

Better enjoy the leaves while they are still on the trees, because we are in store for some wild November weather as a nighttime severe storm threat looms. High winds, isolated tornadoes, and flash flooding from these storms are possible from sunset through the early morning hours of our Tuesday. Increasing Temperatures, Wind Shear, Cold […]

Severe Storms Possible Today Before Quieter Weekend

Severe Storms Possible Today Howdy, folks! Our atmosphere will become ripe with ingredients for potential severe weather this afternoon. Temperatures in the upper 80’s, high humidity, a low pressure system, and wind shear have come together, and will provide a conducive environment for inclement weather before a quieter weekend ahead. After Alberto drenched much of […]

Cool Today and Tomorrow, Warmer and Rainier Saturday

Cold to Cool Today Hello south-central Kentucky, today will transition from cold to cool with a high in the low 50’s.  Friday’s temperatures stay about the same before warmth and rain chances build in Saturday with our next weather system.  This gives us a cool today and tomorrow, warmer and rainier Saturday. Broken clouds will […]

Pretty Nice Weekend, Storms Possible Monday

Last Night’s Rain Chances Exit Howdy folks, if you caught a shower last night, dodge the puddles today if you are getting out.  Look for today to be warm and mostly sunny, Sunday to be cooler and cloudier, and then our next weather maker to come Monday.  I would say this gives us a pretty […]

Active Week of Storm Chances Ahead

I’m happy to report the low stratus cloud deck that plagued the region throughout much of our Saturday has skirted off to the east, allowing rays of sunshine to take over.  Southerly winds will take over as an area of high pressure dips to our east, allowing for a nice warm up, with highs reaching […]

Memorial Day Forecast for Bowling Green Weather

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Memorial Day – Mostly Sunny – High 87 / Tonight – Partly Cloudy – Low 63 Great Memorial Day Bowling Green! High pressure has settled in across the region, making for some great Memorial Day weather. Conditions should remain mostly sunny throughout the day today. Highs underneath the dome […]

Roller Coaster Ride of Bowling Green Weather

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today 4/4 – Partly Cloudy PM; Warmer – High 71 / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 34 Low pressure is located well to the northeast of the region today. However, this is draping a cold front from east to west north of the region. Southerly surface winds will […]

Great Bowling Green Weather Ahead

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today 8/10 – Scattered Showers and Storms – High 85° / Tonight – Isolated Showers – Low 73° A large cluster of showers and thunderstorms continue to weaken to the west of the region. However, some isolated to scattered showers will be possible around daybreak if they can hold […]

Severe Weather Expected for Bowling Green Weather

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today 7/13 – Scattered Severe Storms Likely; Hot – High 93° / Tonight – Severe Storms Likely – Low 75° According to a morning analysis across the midwest, a very warm, and moist environment is in place across Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and places further north. This means that the […]