8th Anniversary of Historic Ice Storm

Hard to believe, especially with the weather we’ve had recently, but 8 years ago today, the area was being hit with the worst ice storm many have ever experienced. Then-Kentucky Governor Steven L. Besmear called it “the biggest natural disaster in modern Kentucky history.” People were left without power for days, some even for weeks. […]

12th Anniversary of Historic Winter Storm

We don’t get many white Christmases around South-Central Kentucky but the year of 2004 was a big exception but instead of a beautiful snowy scene it caused a huge meteorological headache for the entire region. A winter storm is bad enough in the middle of winter but during the biggest shopping and traveling time of the year […]

The Impact of Extreme Weather Events On Young Weather Enthusiasts

I know, super-long title this morning, but this is something I’ve felt like writing lately. Extreme weather events have a big impact on young weather enthusiasts. And, I can provide proof of this. When a young weather enthusiast endures an extreme weather event, it will introduce bias to that enthusiast. When future extreme weather events […]