Southern California Preparing for Heavy Rain

When you think of Southern California, particularly the Los Angeles Area, you don’t much think of heavy rain, do you? But the area will look nothing like this through through the weekend. A strong storm system is coming onshore for the weekend that will inundate the LA Basin with copious amounts of heavy rain. This is […]

Houston, TX Sees Wild Weather This Morning

This morning, Houston, Texas saw one crazy flooding event. Many areas saw upwards of 6 inches of rain in less than an 8 hour period, with rain falling in the 1-2″ per hour range at times. Talk about localized. Hobby Airport with 0.07″ of rain, downtown (~8 miles) with 6.76″. #houwx #txwx — Chris […]

Major Rainfall on the Way for Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday’s weather, and really the past few days of weather, have just been downright cool outside. I mean on Friday the high was hit at 3:41 am, and it was only 48°F. Yesterday was cold as well, with a high of only 49°F being seen. Forecast Summary Today: Mostly […]

Remnants of Tropical Storm Newton Impacts Arizona

On Sunday afternoon, Tropical Depression 15 formed in the eastern Pacific. It was a large and relatively organized system, but once it got going, it got going. It began to intensify Sunday afternoon, becoming Tropical Storm Newton by Sunday evening. Tropical Storm Newton #NASA — NASA Earth (@NASAEarth) September 6, 2016 It rapidly strengthened […]

“Groundhog Day” in August Bowling Green Weather

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Ahh, another day that really avoided storms across the region. The main forcing again lay to our west, so guess where the rain and storms were? To our west! Highs made it into the lower 90s across the region, with very little precip in BG. Forecast Summary Today: […]

“Maybe Storms?” Bowling Green Weather

Real time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday’s weather was fairly cloudy, honestly. The moisture streaming northward along the stationary front to our west kept clouds prevalent across our region, and even some showers moved into the region last evening. Our temp forecast for yesterday from the past couple of days was great, but […]

Storms to Cool Down Bowling Green Weather

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather It was horrible feeling outside yesterday. Just horrible. Dewpoints were wildly high, with many areas in the upper 70s, and even some 80s across the region. This yielded heat index values into the 100s by early afternoon. By that point, though, isolated storms were forming to help cool […]

Stormy Bowling Green Weather on the Way

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was fairly boring. Forecast Jacob Wilkins was absolutely right to term his forecast as having, “Meh” weather, because that exact thing happened. Yesterday felt like a Monday. It was cloudy a lot, we had some isolated showers, etc. Just overall a truly, “Meh” day. Forecast Summary Today: […]

Tropical Storm Colin’s Weather News of the Day

Tropical Storm Colin is currently churning in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, nearing landfall on the western side of the peninsula. Colin is still really disorganized, and hasn’t strengthened very much today. He is still sitting at 50 mph, with his central pressure falling to 1001 mb. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him […]

Tropical Storm Colin Forms Over The Weekend

Over the weekend, Tropical Storm Colin formed in the southern Gulf of Mexico. He was named yesterday afternoon, and became the earliest “C” named storm on record in the Atlantic. Much of the model guidance had been showing a system forming in the southern Gulf, and heading for the coast of Florida as we headed […]