Snowstorm Across South Update

  Yesterday, the south experienced one the largest snowstorms in years. These areas have little snow removal equipment leading to serious travel problems…and you though Kentucky was bad! Many areas across the Mississippi valley through North Carolina picked up over a foot of snow! Take a look at some of the snow and travel issues […]

Tornadoes strike SE Alabama overnight

We don’t always associated tornadoes and severe weather with the winter season, but overnight Saturday in southeast Alabama, that proved to be the case. The low pressure system that was the source of our abundant rainfall in south central Kentucky also brought isolated severe weather and one supercell across Alabama. This supercell was embedded within […]

Georgia Thunderstorms Cause Flooding

Strong storms impacted portions of the southeastern United States tonight. There were several reports of flash flooding across Georgia. There were also strong, damaging wind gust south of Atlanta. These storms actually caused damage to 12-15 small planes in an airport just south of Atlanta, Georgia. Check out the amazing photos below!   Wow! Plane […]

Airplanes Dodge Thunderstorms

This radar loop is overlaid with the path airlines were forced to take a few weeks ago at Atlanta’s airport as strong thunderstorms ignited across the region.  Watch as the airplanes dodge thunderstorms, twisting and turning to avoid convection firing across areas surrounding the airport…it’s very, very neat: via

Tropical Storm Arthur Is Here

We have been watching Invest 91L pretty closely over the past few days, and this morning this low was able to strengthen into the first named Tropical Storm of the Atlantic hurricane season…Tropical Storm Arthur.  This occurred soon after 91L was upgraded to a Tropical Depression last night. A Tropical Storm Watch is now in effect for […]

Tropical Update

Arthur Watch…Day 3 The big question in the tropics this week has become whether or not we will see this area of low pressure currently named Invest 91L become a tropical storm. IF it were to do so, this would become the first named storm of the season: Tropical Storm Arthur. The Hurricane Hunters flew […]

Winter Plasters The South

States located along the coast from Texas to the Carolinas have been impacted by a wicked winter storm.  Several precipitation types ranging from sleet to freezing rain & snow have caused quite the impact on travel. A large portion of the south has suffered through ridiculous driving conditions for much of the day, with the […]