Buckle Up for a Weekend of Wild Weather

It’s been a fairly steady diet of cool, cloudy and at times showery weather so far this week. We’ll keep cool and cloudy to close the work week, but after that? You’re going to want to buckle up for a weekend of wild weather. Friday, Dry Day The showers of yesterday will be long gone […]

Will Southern Kentucky See More Snowfall?

Despite the recent stint of warmer temperatures we have seen in southern Kentucky over the past week, Winter has not necessarily come to an end yet. Let’s take a look at some of the average “last dates” for various Winter phenomena in Kentucky. The average date of the last 32-degree temperature (freeze) in the spring for Warren […]

Frozen Great Lakes

With more than 85% of the Great Lakes covered in ice and continued cold temperatures expected, the lakes could see record ice cover this year. The Great Lakes have currently surpassed the ice cover from this time last year, which became the second-highest ice cover year on record, at 91%. Lake Erie, the shallowest Great […]

Icy Rose Bowl

Pasadena, California will be the site of tomorrow’s playoff matchup in the Rose Bowl between Florida State and Oregon. Fans were surprised to find rare snowfall and freezing temperatures in southern California this morning. Yes. These's ice sheets on the tarp of the #RoseBowl… A fine SoCal winter morning. pic.twitter.com/GR40zuzvBq — George Whitfield Jr. (@georgewhitfield) […]

Cooler Weather With a Hint of Snow

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today – Scattered Showers, High 52º / Tonight – Scattered Rain and Snow Showers – Low 32º 6am 42º – 9am 47º – 12pm 50º – 3pm 52º – 6pm 48º A few areas saw light showers overnight. Today will be filled with scattered showers, cloudy skies, and rather cool temperatures. Things get […]

Freeze Hits the Great Lakes Region

While temperatures have been relatively cool in southern Kentucky, winter is taking a strike at the Great Lakes region. A large area of frost advisories and freeze watches/warnings are in effect in Minesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, as well as the interior Northeast. Areas that see clear skies in the Great Lakes region will see low temperatures dip […]

Growing Season “Freezes” To A Halt Tonight


very bitter, cold, Canadian airmass is moving into the Bluegrass State, and will bring with it the first subfreezing temperatures of the season by Friday morning. A freeze warning has been issued for the entire south and west central Kentucky region from 1am – 9am Friday morning. A Freeze Warning is issued during the growing […]

Monday Afternoon Update

This Afternoon – Increasing Clouds – High 67 / Tonight – Scat’d Showers – Low 41 4pm 67 ~ 7pm 57 ~ 10pm 52 ~ 1am 50 ~ 4am 48 Forecast is on track up to this point, folks. Approaching cold front has a cloud deck out ahead of it, which will cause an increase […]