Winter Cold Snap Arrives; Snow Chances Await

It’s been an interesting day throughout south central Kentucky. Temperature readings in the low 60s during the predawn hours took a hard tumble thanks to a passing cold front, putting temps in the mid to upper 30s as of 5:30pm. Cold Is Here To Stay The passing of this morning’s cold front is the initial […]

Friday Afternoon Update

wxornotBG Friday Afternoon Update Posted by Landon Hampton on viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017 Scattered showers continue across the region this afternoon, before tapering off tonight. Saturday will bring another round of scattered showers, however, it should be much warmer.

Founding Fathers…Or Meteorologists?

Few people realize that Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were avid weather enthusiasts, discovering and contributing great advancements to the field of meteorology. Thomas Jefferson, on his way to sign the Declaration of Independence, purchased a thermometer.  At approximately 2pm on July 4th, 1776, Jefferson observed 76°F and cloudy skies.  As my friend Ryan Hoke […]