Southern Plains Drought Relief

Much of the western U.S. stretching into the southern Great Plains have been experiencing a long term drought. But good news for the folks in Texas and Oklahoma, as rain looks to continue across the two states the next several days. Up to two inches of rain is likely in parts of Oklahoma into the […]

California Called, And It Wants Our Rain

Recently (this year), the state of Kentucky has seen several events in which we have received almost absurdly large amounts of precipitation. We have had about 5 major precipitation events across the state that have dramatically reversed us from what looked to be a moderate drought in January to major flooding here in April. Well, […]

Midwest March Madness Weather Bracket

  In honor of March Madness, the Midwestern Regional Climate Center has issued their weather bracket consisting of the top weather events to hit the region this winter. The two winter storms to hit Kentucky and the summer drought made the Elite 8. The two snowstorms advanced to the Final 4 and the March 4th through the 5th […]

Spring Flood Outlook

Spring is typically one of the wettest times of the year in the Ohio Valley. With all the rain we have had recently, additional rainfall over the coming months could spawn flooding. Here is NOAA’s Spring drough outlook with a video of what to expect.   Sorry California, no drought relief in sight for you […]

Pineapple Express Helps to Alleviate California Drought

Portions of the western United States are in desperate need of rainfall but January offered little to no drought relief in California. Check out this map illustrating radar-estimated rainfall totals during the month of January. Areas shaded in green and blue saw less than two inches of monthly rainfall. If you thought the Bowling Green bubble […]

Kentucky Drought Monitor

Some moderate drought is beginning to creep into portions of Kentucky. According to climatology reports, December was abnormally dry for Paducah, KY. The average amount of precipitation in Paducah in the month of December is 4.59″. However, only 2.89″ fell during December of 2014. Thus, only 63% of the usual rainfall fell for the month. […]

California Drought Improvement

The recent rains in California have helped alleviate the drought, but an exceptional drought still covers much of the area.   Here is a look at what the drought looked like last week. Much improvement, especially in the northern parts of California, but still a long way to go.   More rain is heading toward […]

California Storm Brings Heavy Rain and High Wind

A strong area of low pressure has been impacting portions of California. The California storm brought places around San Fransisco flooding rains, whereas the higher terrain is dealing with very strong winds. One report measured a wind gust of 147 mph. Big storms like this aren’t all that common along the west coast. Some meteorologists […]

Powerful Storm to Impact the West Coast

A powerful storm that is currently situated over the Pacific Ocean will move onshore tomorrow and bring high winds, heavy rain, and significant snowfall (at higher elevations) to portions of the west coast. An associated cold front will begin to slam Washington, Oregon, and California with high winds and heavy precipitation tomorrow. High wind warnings are in […]

Rain Falling in Drought-Stricken California

Pacific storms could bring up to seven inches of rain to the drought-stricken state of California this week. As of last week, 100% of the state was considered to be in at least a moderate drought, with 55% in an “exceptional drought” (Capital Weather Gang). The first system in the storm series brought heavy rain […]