Tropical Depression Nine Makes Landfall In Mexico

Tropical Depression Nine is a weak tropical disturbance currently located about 90 miles WSW of Campeche, Mexico. The disturbance is moving ESE at 5mph and is expected to make landfall along the Yucatan Peninsula this evening. Earlier today, we saw convection around the storm increase and it was thought that the storm may briefly strengthen […]

Tropical Depression Five Develops In The Gulf

In their latest update, the National Hurricane Center clarified that Tropical Depression Five had developed in the Gulf.  This system is currently located west of the Yucatan Peninsula, tracking northwest at ~13mph. Portions of the east coast of Mexico remain a target for this system, however, the good news is that it is not expected […]

Tropical Depression Four Forms In The Atlantic

A Tropical Depression has formed over the Atlantic ocean and is expected to intensify over the upcoming days.  The track of this particular storm is unknown, however, it could threaten the US mainland.  The Capital Weather Gang has recently published an article on this phenomena.  The following is an excerpt from the piece: Tropical Depression […]

What’s Going On In The Tropics?

It’s been awhile since our last look at the tropics and not much has changed. The Atlantic remains relatively quiet for now,  and in the latest update from the National Hurricane Center there are no hurricanes, tropical storms or depressions. There are two areas in the Atlantic Ocean the NHC will be monitoring for further […]

Tropical Update

Most of this weekend’s weather headlines have featured severe weather that has been ongoing across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Elsewhere across the world, there has been some tropical activity in both ocean basins. Earlier today, the National Hurricane Center marked an area of showers in the center of the Atlantic Ocean as an item of […]

Nice & Warm Mother’s Day

Real-Time Regional Radars:  ———————————————————————————————————————————————————–Today 5/11 – Mostly Sunny; Iso’d Storms– High 84˚ / Tonight – Partly Cloudy – Low 65˚ 10am 74˚ – 1pm 80˚ – 4pm 84˚ – 7pm 78˚ – 10pm 71˚ Thankfully, we’re not waking up to the sound of thunder and heavy rain today like we did yesterday. In fact, we have sunny skies creating a beautiful […]

Broken Record Forecast Continues

Today 5/7 – Sunny & Breezy – High 87˚ / Tonight – Clear – Low 60˚ 7am 61˚ – 10am 76˚ – 1pm 85˚ – 4pm 87˚ – 7pm 80˚ – 10pm 70˚ Ridging aloft will keep lots of rain abundant amounts of sunshine in the forecast.  Southerly winds will howl at 15-25mph this afternoon.  A […]

Severe Thunderstorms Expected

Real-time Observation for Bowling Green, Ky: Real-time Regional Radars: Today – Partly Sunny, PM Scat’d Storms – High 82˚ / Tonight – Scat’d Showers & Storms – Low 65˚ 9am 66˚ – 12pm 77˚ – 3pm 82˚ – 6pm 76˚ – 9pm 70˚ After a few fantastic warm spring days, dramatic changes lie just ahead. Nope, we’re not […]

Nice Weekend, Stormy Horizon

Today 4/26 – Sunny – High 81˚ / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 54˚ 9am 65˚ – 12pm 76˚ – 3pm 81˚ – 6pm 77˚ – 9pm 66˚ Can’t get enough of this sunny spring weather?? You’re in luck! Thanks to high pressure, we’ll see sunny skies throughout the day. Meanwhile, temperatures will soar […]

Spectacular Easter Sunday

Today 4/20 – Sunny & Warm – High 80˚ / Tonight – Mostly Clear – Low 52˚ 9am 63˚ – 12pm 75˚ – 3pm 79˚ – 6pm 74˚ – 9pm 64˚ Any sunrise service goers have noticed the chilly start this morning. We have temperatures starting out in the mid 40s but they will quickly rise into the 70s to around 80 […]