Rainy Sunday, Warm Next Week, Watching Winter Weather

Temperatures dropped to around 29° last night. However, southerly surface flow should help warm temperatures to around 53° by this afternoon. The southerly wind will be around 10 to 15 mph, but with gusts up to 25 mph possible. Moisture will also begin to spread into the region. This could lead to the development of […]

Warmth Today Won’t Last Long

Bitter cold early, then WARM. Wind Advisory 11am – 6pm, gusts of 30-40 mph possible! Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 Gusty southwest winds will help warm temperatures after a frigid start this morning. Most locations dropped to below 20° this morning. However, we should see high temperatures top out around 50° […]

Slight Warm up Ahead of More Cold

Today and Tomorrow? Pretty Nice! First of all, I am making this post exclusive to Christmas Vacation gifs this morning. That is my favorite Christmas movie, and I will use only Christmas Vacation related gifs today. Secondly, today and tomorrow don’t look half bad! We have set up in southwesterly flow ahead of our next […]

It Feels a lot Like Christmas Outside

If it is Going to be This Cold, at Least let it Snow Gotta get this off my chest. I can discuss the pretty bland and bleh forecast here in a second. As all of you know, it has been quite cold since Tuesday. What you may not know is the extent of that cold. […]

Winter is here…Great…Yay…Woohoo.

Reinforcing cold shot on the way; snowflakes still possible this weekend. Posted by Landon Hampton on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 As mentioned extensively, winter is here to stay for quite some time and I couldn’t be less happy about it. Temperatures dropped to around 28° last night and will be some 20 degrees colder than […]

Mild Temperatures Now, Colder Air on the Way

Warm Today   WPC Surface Analysis valid today – Saturday Warmish weather will remain in play today ahead of another weak cold front. This front will push through today, bringing some rain chances with it. Highs for today will still be in the low 60’s under mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers possible. Hi-res NAM […]

Windy and Cooler Bowling Green Weather

Real-Time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday’s Bowling Green Weather was…kinda weird, actually. It started off fantastic across the region, as sunny skies dominated and temperatures rose into the mid 50s. It was just a really nice day! Then, on the nose of widespread mid and upper level divergence, strong showers/storms formed to our […]

Isolated Hail Possible This Evening

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Good evening folks! Showers and thunderstorms have formed to the west and southwest of the region. Given a combination of instability and moderate lapse rates across the region, a few of the showers and thunderstorms may produce some hail. Very isolated reports of severe hail (> 1″ in diameter) […]

Bowling Green Weather Looking Active

Real-Time Bowling Green Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday’s Bowling Green Weather was really, really nice. As in, late April/early May nice. We haven’t had a day that was that nice in a very long time, as out warm days in early November were too warm, and anything before that was just hot. But yesterday? Yesterday was nice. Highs […]

Bowling Green Weather Will Remain Quiet and Cool

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Bowling Green’s weather yesterday was downright miserable, that’s if you’re not a fan Old Man Winter like myself. Temperatures only made into the upper 30s which was actually in the early morning hours, so temperatures for much of yesterday were falling steadily. If you were out and about, […]