Snow Rollers in Colorado

In Windsor, Colorado, people woke up to seeing dozens of snowballs scattered all over their yards. Wind-blown snowballs in Windsor, Colorado. Courtesy, Jenny Woytassek Mother Nature has really outdone herself this time! Just like you would roll snow together to form a snowball, wind can blow “snowballs” together and create what are called snow rollers. […]

Heavy Snow Across Rocky Mountains

As much as 4 feet of snow may fall across the Rocky Mountains through early next week. This is thanks to a large cutoff low parked over the western U.S.   It isn't over yet! Colorado Daily Snow -> — OpenSnow (@findOpenSnow) April 13, 2015 Thankfully the Rockies are away for the next […]

Hoar Frost Forms in Colorado

Snow may not have fallen in Boulder, Colorado this morning, but prickly needles of ice – known as hoar frost – formed along trees and fences. According to NOAA’s glossary, hoar frost is a deposit of interlocking crystals formed by direct sublimation on objects, usually those of small diameter freely exposed to the air, such […]

Denver Flash Flood

As previously mentioned in a tragic lightning strike story, monsoon season is in full effect. We have some more news out west to bring you. Strong thunderstorms over Denver, Colorado have caused portions of Denver to flash flood. Check out the images below from Twitter.   I can’t say they didn’t warn me. @ColoradoDOT thanks! […]

Lightning Kills 1, Injures 7

According to 7News Denver, one woman was killed and seven others were hurt by a lightning strike at Rocky Mountain National Park on Friday in Colorado.  The following video has more information: Remember folks…when thunder roars, go indoors.  Follow this link for lightning safety tips from the National Weather Service.

Colorado Tornadoes and Hail

Another active day of severe weather out west and of course there’s plenty pictures on social media to view. Check out some of the amazing photos taken today:   RT @DenverChannel: picture of the hail in Evergreen CO. It looks more like snow piled on the road. #cowx — (@28storms) June 8, 2014 […]

Menacing Storm Structure Near Denver

An incredible supercell developed over Denver, CO today, producing a tornado in the process. Check out some of these incredible images of the storm: Tornado warning at #dia. #cowx — Sarah Millett (@SarahMillett) May 21, 2014 Tornado on the ground now south of DIA one mile. Rain wrapped .#cowx @WeatherNation — Jeff Piotrowski […]

Colorado Flooding

Record flooding has occurred in Colorado over the past several days, and it may get worse.  It is estimated that localized areas have seen 15-20+” of rainfall over the past 4-5 days.  The photo above is just one example of the extensive damage caused by the flooding.  Highly populated areas such as Denver and Boulder […]