Calmer Weekend Ahead

After what was a busy weather day yesterday, it’s now time to exhale. Blue skies and average temperature will adorn a calmer weekend ahead. Calm but Cloudy Friday The blockbuster low pressure whose cold front gave us severe storm chances yesterday has moved on out of here…and in it’s wake, calmer conditions. It will remain […]

Storms and Heat Fight for Memorial Day Weekend

Storms Likely Today Hey folks, after our region dodged all the rain yesterday on the way to a 90 degree high, we will have a mix of storms and hot temperatures the next three days with better chances of rain today and Monday providing us a storms and heat fight for Memorial Day Weekend. Today […]

Pretty Nice Weekend, Storms Possible Monday

Last Night’s Rain Chances Exit Howdy folks, if you caught a shower last night, dodge the puddles today if you are getting out.  Look for today to be warm and mostly sunny, Sunday to be cooler and cloudier, and then our next weather maker to come Monday.  I would say this gives us a pretty […]

Cooler Bowling Green Weather on the way

Real-time Bowling Green Weather Radar Yesterday’s Weather Yesterday was really, really nice until about the evening time, when clouds came in and dampened our style. Also: lets talk about this 4:30 pm sunset thing. That is terrible. The sun has gone down around 4:30 pm each of the past two afternoons, and has plunged us into […]

April 3 Severe Weather Bust

Earlier this week, model guidance began hinting at the possibility of severe weather to occur yesterday. Closer to the event, confidence was increasing that a cold front would provide enough lift to produce a line of severe storms with a few supercells popping up ahead of the line. A favorable environment for damaging winds, hail, […]

Friday Afternoon Bowling Green Weather Update

Real Time Bowling Green Weather: This Afternoon – Mostly Cloudy; Iso’d Rain Showers – High 49˚ / Tonight – Clearing Skies – Low 23˚ 6pm 41˚ – 9pm 37˚ – 12am 31˚ – 3am 28˚ – 6am 23˚ Good afternoon, yesterday’s rainy weather has ended across southern Kentucky and the eastern half of the country is now centered underneath […]

Wintry Weather Expected in Southern Kentucky

Real-Time Bowling Green Radar:  Today 1/26 – Cloudy, Iso’d Snow Showers; Breezy – High 35º / Tonight – Cloudy; Scat’d Snow Showers – Low 30º 6am 30˚ – 9am 31˚ – 12pm 32˚ – 3pm 35˚ –6pm 32˚ The very little precipitation southern Kentucky received overnight was in response to a surface cold front moving east across the state. […]

Monday Morning Weather Update

Real-time BG radar: Today 1/12 – Sct’d Showers – High 41º / Tonight – Iso’d Rain & Snow Showers Early; Cloudy – Low 26º 6am 38º – 9am 39º – 12pm 40º – 3pm 39º – 6pm 37º Good morning, southern Kentucky is off to a wet start this week as an area of moderate rain showers […]

Monday Afternoon Weather Update

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today 12/29 – Mostly Cloudy – High 40° / Tonight – Partly Cloudy – Low 26° 3pm 40º – 6pm 37º – 9pm 35º – 12am 32º – 3am 29º – 6am 26º Good afternoon, temperatures have been a few degrees cooler than originally expected today as we are […]

Sunday Morning Weather Update

Real Time Bowling Green Weather Radar: Today 12/14 – Mostly Cloudy – High 50° / Sun Night – Partly Cloudy – Low 39° 6am 42º – 9am 43º – 12pm 46º – 3pm 50º – 6pm 44º Good morning, we are currently off to a mild start across southern Kentucky this morning as low temperatures only […]